Purchase - Antique furniture and home accessories

What is interesting for us? What do we buy?

Antique furniture - furniture made before 1920.

These include cabinets, vertical units, chests of drawers, sideboards, tables, buffets, showcases, secretaries and small pieces of furniture.

We are particularly looking for furniture from the following eras: Louis VX, Louis XVI, Empire, Louis Philippe, Biedermeier & Art Nouveau.

Home accessories - whether antique, vintage or modern, it doesn't matter to us.

We are looking for home accessories that are timelessly beautiful or simply cool.

  • Lamps: table lamps, floor lamps
  • Wall decoration: mirrors, antique signs, billboards, neon signs
  • Curious and rare items: For example, cool old barber's chairs, antique means of transport, ski gondolas, antique doctor's furniture, life-size figures, etc.
  • Silverware: bowls, candlesticks, napkin rings, writing sets, etc.
  • Glassware: carafes, vases, glasses or similar
  • Picture Frame
  • Sculptures, figures, saints
  • Selected porcelain or rare ceramics

This is how you can send us your offer:

  1. Please contact us by email and send your offer to ankauf@antixx.de .
  2. When it comes to furniture, pictures are important to us. The furniture should be shown in its entirety. Damaged areas and flaws in particular should be clearly visible. This allows us to roughly estimate what restoration work needs to be carried out. Please also take photos of the inside of the piece of furniture. 3 to 6 pictures are perfect.
  3. For home accessories, 1 to 2 pictures are enough.
  4. If the item you are offering has a story, we would love to read about it. Where it comes from...what it was used for...information like this is always interesting for our customers.
  5. You are also welcome to tell us your price expectations.
  6. Please include the location of the goods offered in the email. Example: Frankfurt. No address, just the city.
  7. You will receive a response from us within a few days, even if your item does not fit into our range.

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