Antique mirror table | walnut | Louis Philippe | dressing table

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✓ Wonderful grain
✓ Special small furniture
✓ Practical size

Dimensions: W: 54cm H: 72cm D: 39cm

Article: Antique mirror table I dressing table
Article number: 712
Origin: France, mid-19th century
Material: walnut I solid wood
color: brown
Condition: In very good condition
Features: Mirror in the table flap I Small compartments I 1 drawer
Construction: not dismantable


Antique dressing table with wonderful grain

This antique mirror table from France, dating to the mid-19th century, impresses with its wonderful grain and its special charm. Made from solid walnut, the piece of furniture exudes a timeless elegance.

The practical size makes this table an ideal small piece of furniture for the bedroom or dressing room. The mirror table is in very good condition and has an integrated mirror in the table flap as well as small compartments and a drawer.


W: 54cm H: 72cm D: 39cm

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