Antique wardrobe | gusset (two-piece)

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✓ Impressive craftsmanship
✓ Easy to assemble & disassemble
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Dimensions: W: 168cm H: 206cm D: 64cm

Article: Antique wardrobe
Article no.: 665
Period: Mid 19th century
Material: softwood
Colour: Natural
Condition: Top condition (20% restored)
Features: Curved cornice I Carved fields I Decorative striker bar I Bevelled sides I Hat board with clothes rail I 3 shelves I Original baroque castle | Worm infestation checked and no longer active | special charm
Construction: gusset (two-piece)


Antique Wardrobe - A masterpiece of 19th century craftsmanship: This antique wardrobe from the mid-19th century is a testament to impressive craftsmanship and is easy to assemble and disassemble. With its history and expertise, it will become a true treasure in your home.

This wardrobe, made of softwood, shows a natural, timeless wood color. It is in top condition and has been 20% restored, which means it has retained its authentic character. The impressive cornice with curved elements, the intricately carved fields and the ornate strike bar give this piece of furniture a sublime presence. The beveled sides add additional appeal to the wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe you will find a hat board with clothes rail as well as three shelves that offer you ample storage space. The original baroque lock completes the design. This antique wardrobe is made in the gusset style, consisting of two parts, which allows it to be easily assembled and disassembled. This masterpiece of craftsmanship will be an eye-catcher in your home and tells a story of times gone by.


W: 168cm H: 206cm D: 64cm

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