Gründerzeit Möbel mit reichhaltigen Verzierungen


Discover the fascinating world of Wilhelminian-era furniture! These unique pieces combine historical style elements and exude a luxurious charm. Their craftsmanship and history make them timeless eye-catchers, perfect for sustainable interiors.

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Why buy Wilhelminian style furniture?

Discover the timeless elegance and historical charm of our Wilhelminian style furniture. Their unique combination of history and craftsmanship gives every room a touch of luxury and style. With their representative function, they are not just pieces of furniture, but also an expression of a sophisticated way of life. By purchasing Wilhelminian style furniture, you are not only investing in high-quality furnishings, but also in a sustainable and long-lasting home decor that will last for generations.

When was the founding period?

The Wilhelminian period lasted from around 1870 to 1910 and was characterized by a boom in art, culture and the economy. During this time, interior design experienced a heyday, which was also reflected in furniture design. The furniture of the Wilhelminian period testifies to a striving for representative living culture and reflects the spirit of the era.

How do I recognize Wilhelminian style furniture?

Wilhelminian style furniture is characterized by its opulent decorations, rich carvings and magnificent details. It is characterized by its robust construction and the use of fine woods such as cherry and walnut. Typical pieces such as cabinets, display cabinets and buffets exude a timeless elegance and are often decorated with floral motifs or geometric patterns. Their high quality and durability make them sought-after collector's items and valuable heirlooms for the future.

FAQ l Wilhelminian furniture

How old is Wilhelminian style furniture?

In the narrower sense, this refers to the years 1871-1873, i.e. the first years after the founding of the German Empire. The furniture of the Wilhelminian period generally covered the period from about 1870 to 1910. Therefore, Wilhelminian period furniture is usually between 110 and 150 years old.

Is the Gründerzeit Art Nouveau?

No, Wilhelminian period furniture cannot be classified as Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau developed later, from around the late 1890s, and was characterized by organic shapes, floral motifs and an artistic-expressive aesthetic. While Wilhelminian period furniture was still more classic and traditional, Art Nouveau went in a more modern and artistic direction. However, Wilhelminian period furniture is an important historical era that is still valued today for its solid design and high-quality workmanship.

How do you recognize Wilhelminian style furniture?

The most popular pieces of furniture from the Wilhelminian period were detailed cabinets, chests of drawers, sideboards and vertical units with various attachments. Typical features are turned table and chair legs in the shape of pomegranate blossoms (balusters), spiral-shaped decorations (volutes), spherical ends, panelled fronts, ebonised wood, decorative mouldings and plenty of carvings, wooden applications and floral ornaments.