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Antique beds, handcrafted with first-class quality, radiate uniqueness and are sustainable through timeless elegance.

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Antique beds: history and development

Origin and distribution

A long history that goes back to ancient times. In Greek and Roman times, they were mostly made of wood or bronze and equipped with mattresses and pillows. In the Middle Ages, beds were often fitted with canopies and curtains to provide warmth and privacy. In the Baroque and Rococo periods, elaborately decorated examples with elaborate carvings were created.

Compare NEW with OLD..

The difference often lies in the artistic and lovingly designed construction. Quality is primarily provided by the high-quality materials. In comparison, modern beds are often simpler and more functional. The size and shape have also changed over time. While antique beds were often smaller and had a fixed frame, modern beds are larger and offer more freedom in design. Despite these differences, antique beds are still very popular today and can be found in many households as a unique and stylish piece of furniture.