Antike Aufsatzsekretäre aus verschiedenen Epochen

Antique secretaries

Antique desks: combination of elegance and functionality. Provide storage space and work surface, lending historical charm to any room.

Why buy antique writing desks?

Antique desks are more than just pieces of furniture - they are long-lasting companions with character that tell a unique story. Their timeless design and high-quality workmanship make them sustainable pieces of furniture that enrich any room. In addition, they offer practical storage space and an elegant work surface that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

How is an antique writing desk constructed?

An antique writing desk typically consists of two main parts. The base often functions as a writing table with a writing flap that can be opened to reveal a writing surface. Inside there are small compartments for writing utensils. The upper part, on the other hand, consists of doors or drawers that provide additional storage space. Together they form an elegant and functional piece of furniture with a lot of charm and character.